News and Notices

Whats been happening at Sin City Knit Shop:

“Twas the night before Christmas…”  and all we can think about is…did I forget to put someone on my list…will I get these projects finished in time…will everyone like what I made for them.  Instead of sugar plums dancing in our heads…we are worried about what we have chosen to make for gifts.

We totally understand and we are here for you this holiday season.  Every Saturday beginning Dec 10th between 10 and 2pm and up to Saturday December 24th, we are ready to help you bind off, steam block, make those final pompoms and whatever small knitting problem you need to fix.

Now that you can put your mind to rest knowing we will help you, lets think about what this season really means to us.  As we go through life and as each year passes by, we start to really think about the important things in our life’s path.

It’s time to think about the kind hearts we choose to spend time with.  This is what is important!  Some of us are lucky to have very close family members, some have had the choice of choosing friends they call family.  Life is all about choices.

We, at Sin City Knit Shop, thank you for your choice to spend time with us.  Some call the shop their safe haven, some call it home and act like it is their home, and many come and visit every time they are in town.  YES YES YES…we are blessed.

So from our home to yours…We wish you many blessings for this holiday season and hope the new year brings you happiness. prosperity and JOY!