When you put three friends that love to knit, kool-aide, bare yarn and lots of homemade Sangria in a room you will end up with laughs, squeals of excitement, and apparently a new hand dyed yarn company.

The founders of Tink Yarn, Laci, Ashley and Terri, quickly fell in love with and honed the dying process to build their small idea into a big dream.


Great news for Laci and Ashley….they have expanded their own careers and graciously handed Tink Yarn to Terri.  SO…..You can now get your “Tink Yarn fix” through Sin City Knit Shop.

Every month Sin City Knit Shop will feature 3 color waves of Tink Yarn.  Quantities will be limited so you will have to jump on it.  New color waves will be available by the 5th of every month.  No online orders…please call Sin City at 702-641-0210 to order your favorite color.

SIn City Knit Shop will feature Tink’s colors of the month through their newsletter, Facebook and website.



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