The story behind…………SIN CITY YARN

 As you know….SIn City Knit Shop opened the doors in July 2012. Four years later, I was preparing for the big annual birthday party to celebrate the unexpected success of Sin City Knits LLC.

 I knew this year had to be special but I did not exactly know how to top the celebrations of precious years.  As usual, the creative angels (that live in my head), were hard at work once again to come up with something to make this year stand out.

 I needed to offer to the many devoted customers AND tourists from all over the world unique products only found at SCKS.

This is where and when Sin City Yarn was born.   I bought some yarn to learn the process of  hand dyeing.  Immediately I was hooked ——YES——hand dyed yarn only for SCKS…..that was it!

That is what I was looking for.

Within a couple of weeks, my husband and son got the fever and wanted to be involved.  I was amazed to see how quickly my son jumped in to work together with me.  To this day he really loves dyeing the yarn and his creativity is amazing.

Yes, I call this creativity a sickness with the only antibiotics to cure the sickness is……the finished product……a new design…..a great idea….something that evolves into “wonderful.”

It was not hard to come up with names for the yarn…after all I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada…..people came to see me because they were visiting Las Vegas, Nevada… why not connect the yarn to Las Vegas Nevada?


Only those who visit know the passion and love behind the scenes at Sin City Knit Shop.  Maybe in the future we can bring the art of Sin City Yarn to your city.  But for now…..put Sin City Knit Shop in your travel plans…we welcome you with open arms.

Your support will only enable us to create more & more…….Oh Dear!

At this time…….Let me present to you…..


hand dyed exclusively for

Sin City Knit Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada

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