Meet The Staff

As founder of Sin City Knit Shop, I have always been proud of the staff I have chosen to work beside me and with me to offer the best service to our clients. I appreciate their devotion, extra time and thank them for opening their hearts to share their knowledge with all.

Terri Melquist 

I first met Terri at my church many years ago.  We were in several church musical productions together and became very close.  Yes, we danced and sang together long before we became knitting friends. Terri is one of my most trusted friends.

This amazing woman is a very organized, intelligent and is amazing at keeping her life in order. Oh, did I mention she is very independent? I like this about her. She has been with Sin City Knit Shop since day one with support for SCKS and happy the shop is close to her home.

Terri works her day job at Sunrise Hospital where she is a true professional and handles the job with grace.  When she is at the knit shop, you would think it was her main source of income.  Always a professional and I never have to worry about how she handles Sin City’s business.  In fact, when she is on duty, I get to relax, get out from behind the desk and take care of the customers.

You will find Terri at the shop on Thursday evenings hosting the meet up group, Chicks with Sticks and on Saturdays keeping the front desk problem free.

Terri is one of the original members of TINK YARN.  She jumped in with both feet to make Tink Yarn a success.  Tink Yarn is a classy hand dyed yarn in several weights now living at Sin City Knit Shop.
Check out our website every month to see the new “colors of the month.”  Every month she offers 3 color waves and they are all beautiful and exciting.  The tourists and locals love her yarn.

A couple of insights about Terri…she is always keeping her eyes and ears open for new ideas and promotions to benefit Sin City Knits.  Always…always…keeping the shop’s best interest at heart.  Her knitting friends on Thursday night have elected her “Employee of the Month” more than once.  (I did not know we even had an employee of the month.)I am so proud to have Terri in my corner and as my true friend.




Barbara Tolleson

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a very special Angel in my life.  Her name is Barbara Tolleson. Many of you who already know Barbara understands why I call her an angel.

Barbara is talented, creative, knowledgeable, calm, patient and always pleasant to everyone she meets.

About 10-12 years ago I met Barbara when I enrolled in a magic loop-2 socks at at a time class at a small local knit shop in Las Vegas.

OH for Heaven’s Sakes…I did not know what I was getting myself into.  MAGIC LOOP & 2 SOCKS AT A TIME!  I knew I could learn magic loop but was not sure about 2 socks at a time.  So I opted to focus on Magic Loop and one sock at a time.  Whew—I am glad I did!

Barbara had me doing magic loop in about 5 minutes.  Her teaching manner was calm, informative and to the point which made learning easy.   To this day I have her sock pattern memorized and have made about 2 dozens socks.  Of course there is a lot of onesies but if I had made the matching sock it would be over 48 pair—Yep the pattern is embedded in my brain!

Many times I have thought—what in the world was wrong with the owner of that small knit shop, why didn’t she have Barbara teach more classes—I will wonder forever!

Fast forward about 4 years from my sock class day to the Henderson Spring Quilt Show…I attended that year’s event thinking I would just see numerous beautiful quilts.  As I strolled down each isle looking at all booths, I walked up on a familiar face—Yes, it was Barbara in a booth selling her hand made bags.   I immediately stepped up and started talking to her like we were old friends.  After a few minutes I could tell she did not remember me and thought I was just a crazed fan.  Even though she was very polite, I could not wait to get out of the conversation before I embarrassed myself anymore.  As I excused myself I could tell she was happy not to have to act like she knew me anymore. So embarrassing!

Fast forward again about another 4 years…shortly after Sin City Knit Shop was born, one day the doors opened and to my surprise in walked Barbara to check out the new shop.  “Oh boy”—I thought—I know her but will she remember me as a student or the crazy lady from the quilt show?

This gracious lady did remember me and that day was the beginning of a beautiful personal and professional friendship. I am delighted to have Barbara as part of the staff at Sin City Knit Shop.  Her peaceful presence puts calm in the air.

Oh yes, did I mention she knits, crochets, spins, weaves, indy dyes fiber and yarn, sews, quilts, designs patterns, beads, AND teaches all of the above?  What more can I say other than…my advice to you is…Take the time to meet and learn from Barbara.  You will thank me later for that opportunity.

My sincere thanks and blessings go to my friend, Barbara Tolleson, may we have a long relationship together.


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